Puliyogare Rice Mix -Temple style Puliyogarea at Home

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  • The harmonious blend of tanginess, spice and sweet
  • Authentic Indian medley with tamarind and other nuts
  • Easy to cook and relish
  • Best quality and taste
  • No added preservatives
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    Puliyogare Rice Mix -Temple style Puliyogarea at Home

    Puliyogare Rice Mix -Temple style Puliyogarea at Home

    Product description

     Why Choose Raji’s Kitchen Puliyogare Rice Mix?

    Puliyogare Rice Mix from Raji’s Kitchen will be your go-to dish as you do not need to spend hours and wait to relish it. You can enjoy puliyogare whenever you want as all you need is cooked rice and Raji’s Puliyogare Rice Mix. 

    Missing your nostalgic Puliyogare from your hometown’s temple. Ready to experience the same with Raji’s Puliyogare rice mix.

    Raji’s kitchen Puliyogare rice mix is a unique combination of selected ingredients that creates a mindful fusion of acidic, savoury and slightly sweet flavours. 

    Tamarind is a tart fruit that blends smoothly with any dish. Along with tamarind, this mixture contains Channa dal and Urad dal to enhance the depth of flavour.

    Puliyogare is known for its aromatic trio mix of lentils, channa dal, urad dal and tamarind. The channa dal lends a delightful nuttiness, while the urad dal imparts a subtle earthy undertone. The tangy notes of tamarind add a refreshing burst of flavour, perfectly complementing the lentils’ richness.

    The red-hot chilli peppers elevate the senses in your taste buds. Puliyogare’s taste is nothing without the warmth of coriander seeds and the peppery hot black peppers. The inclusion of the curry leaves gives the immense flavour and authenticity of the native in every bite.

    Addition of jaggery, the traditional unrefined cane sugar with an earthy flavour leaves a mild caramel touch to your Puliyogare mix. Finally, the inclusion of sesame seeds adds a delightful crunch and a nutty undertone, creating a harmonious fusion that tantalizes the senses and leaves you craving for more.

    To compliment the tartness of tamarind in the Puliyogare mix, we added jaggery which is rich in magnesium and helps to reduce stress. Don’t you want to enjoy the crunchiness of groundnut in the middle of every bite, don’t worry we added them too. We included curry leaves to bring you the aromatic warmth of Indian cuisine.

    For spice, we infused red chilli, peppercorn, coriander seeds and sesame which highlights the taste of Puliyogare to another level and plays the symphony of flavours in your mouth.

    If you are a crazy lover of Puliyogare, then Raji’s Puliyogare rice mix meets all your expectations and gives you the exact flavours of South India in every way.

    Puliyogare Rice Mix Ingredients:

    Tamarind, Channa dal, Urad dal, Salt, Jaggery, Curry leaves, Red chilli, Pepper, Coriander seeds, Sesame

    Let’s make Puliyogare Rice

    Cook your favoruite rice be it basmati or poni and keep it aside

    Take a pan and a tablespoon of oil

    Add custard seeds, curry leaves and groundnut

    Then add a tablespoon of Raji’s Kitchen Puliyogare rice mix 

    Mix it all together and oil if necessary

    Cook on low flame and add cooked rice to it

    Stir it well and serve it hot.

    Benefits of Puliyogare Rice:

    • Tamarind is rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins C and E and Minerals

    • It contains an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces blemishes and signs of ageing

    • Promotes digestion

    • Groundnut is good for your heart and regulates your blood sugar level

    • Curry leaves promote good hair growth

    Nutritional Facts: 

     Puliyogare Rice 1 bowl

    • Calcium: 391

    • Proteins: 8.7 g 

    • Carbs: 66.1 g 

    •  Fats: 10.6 g 

    • Fiber: 3.1 g 

    Purity and Packaging:

    Raji’s Kitchen Puliyogare rice mix is free from added additives, artificial colours, flavours, adulterants and preservatives. It is 100% pure, organic and 100% pesticide-free. We check every batch and pack it in an eco-friendly package. It can be recycled too.


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    Puliyogare podi

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