Pirandai Rice Mix: Prepare Instantly and Eat Healthily

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  • Ready to eat Rice Mix
  • Has healing properties
  • Naturally spicy and healthy
  • Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • 100% natural ingredients
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    Pirandai Rice Mix: Prepare Instantly and Eat Healthily

    Pirandai Rice Mix: Prepare Instantly and Eat Healthily

    Product description

    Why choose Raji’s Kitchen Pirandai Rice Mix?

    Pirandai Rice mix is a traditional dish which has been forgotten nowadays due to its preparation time. But now you don't need to worry now as Raji’s Kitchen provides you with Pirandai Rice mix. It has medicinal benefits and helps in the digestive system. 

    Raji’s Kitchen makes your process easy to savour the ecstasy of Pirandai. It has an abundance of health benefits. It has the power to cure indigestion, fractures and sprains. It is the best worming medicine, treats piles, and menstrual problems. It is a great source of fiber and is also rich in calcium. And it is the best food for pregnant mothers too. 

    Raji’s Kitchen Pirandai Rice Mix is a harmonious blend of handpicked lentils, toor dal and urad dal. These protein-rich dals are not only for their nutritional value. It also gives you the delicate texture and heavenly aroma for your dish.

    To add flavour to the lentils, Raji’s Pirandai rice mix contains aromatic spices that make the mix even more delicious. Cumin, the warm and the nutty adds depth and complexity to the blend. The pepper infuses the subtle heat and the pungency to the dish with a mouth-watering taste. Finally, the star of the spices, the red dried chillies gives you the spicy kick which ignites your palate with the fiery essence.

    To get rid of the itching part, we incorporate tamarind's tanginess. For digestion, we added India’s treasured ingredient asafoetida which enriches the depth of all flavours.

    Toor dal is a rich source of plant-based protein, fiber and minerals like iron, zinc, and folate. Folate plays an important role in red blood cell formation. Folate plays a major role in pregnancy for the brain and bone development of the baby.

    Let’s entice the delicacy of the Pirandai Rice mix with the hot cooked rice and ghee. It is the best choice for busy individuals who need to eat home-cooked foods and also healthy ones.


    Pirandai, Toor dal, Urad dal, Cumin, Pepper, Red dry chilli, Tamarind, Asafoedita, Salt

    Let’s make Pirandai Rice With Raji’s 

    Cook your favoruite rice be it basmati or poni

    Take a few tablespoons of Priandai rice mix to the hot cooked rice

    Drizzle in drops of ghee over the rice

    Mix everything together and serve it hot

    You can garnish the cashew nuts or peanuts and add nicely chopped coriander over it

    Or you can also make it more interesting with sauteed vegetables of your choice

    Add cooked rice and then the pirandai rice mix later

    You can also make 

    • Pirandai Dosa

    • Pirandai Uttappam 

    • Pirandai Vada

    Benefits of Pirandai:

    • Pirandai rice mix has great healing properties to cure all diseases.

    • Helps in weight loss and management.

    • Enhances proper digestion and gut health.

    • Maintains your healthy cholesterol level.

    • For women, it cures all the menstrual problems.

    • No preservatives added

    • Good for health 

    Nutritional Facts: 

    • Rich in fiber 

    • Has essential nutrients and minerals like magnesium, zinc and manganese.

    • Rich in vitamins C and E

    • Promotes healthy gut

    • Prevents common digestive issues

    • Strengthens the bones

    • Consuming two times a week will be helpful

    • People of all age groups can consume Pirandai rice mix

     Pirandai Rice 1 bowl

    • Calcium: 389

    • Proteins: 10.6 g 

    • Carbs: 59.3 g 

    • Fats: 12.6 g 

    • Fiber: 8.6 g 

    Purity and Packaging:

    Raji’s Kitchen Pirandai Rice Mix is free from added additives, artificial colours, flavours, adulterants and preservatives. It is 100% pure, organic and 100% pesticide-free. We check every batch and pack it in an eco-friendly package. It can be recycled too. 


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