Beetroot Malt - Colorful, Tasty and Healthy Drink

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  • Beetroot improves your blood pressure
  • It is loaded with nutrients like protein, magnesium and iron
  • Delicious, colourful and healthy drink
  • 100% Natural
  • No added colours or preservatives
  • Store in an airtight container
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    Beetroot Malt - Colorful, Tasty and Healthy Drink

    Beetroot Malt - Colorful, Tasty and Healthy Drink

    Product description

     Why Raji’s Kitchen Beetroot Malt?

    Raji’s Kitchen Beetroot Malt will stand out from other drinks as it will be ideal for persons who need to add beetroot to their diet. We provide high-quality ingredients that come under premium. 

    It is the best option, especially for pregnant women. It boosts your energy and supports you from anemia and irregular menstruation. 

    The pack contains beetroot, cane sugar, almonds, cashews and cardamom. All these things make a healthy drink for you. Adding this drink every day helps you have a proper diet intake with all essential nutrients and vitamins. 

    The natural sweetness of beetroot and cane sugar makes this drink an ideal option for a sweet tooth person. It has vitamins like A, C, K, polyphenols, folate and micronutrients as well. For health-conscious individuals, you can choose this drink as it is rich in iron, zinc, potassium and nitrate. It helps in iron deficiency, anaemia, and hypertension. 

    You can choose this drink as an alternative to any of your beverages as it is a healthy, tasty and energy boost drink. It can be given to kids above one year of age group.

    Raji’s Kitchen Beetroot malk is an organic healthy drink, which is prepared with the intention of giving healthy food to all. Beetroot malt helps in boosting your energy so it can be consumed by people of all age groups. 

    For kids who are neglecting vegetables, this drink can be a great alternative. The nutrients and vitamins gained from this drink can be an ideal supplement that will be necessary for you. 

    Beetroot Malt Ingredients: 

    Beetroot, Cane Sugar, Cashew, Badam / Almond, Cardamom

    Let’s make Raji’s Kitchen Beetroot Malt Drink:

    Take cold or warm milk of your choice and add a tablespoon of Raji's kitchen Beetroot Malt.

    Mix it properly and wait for the milk to dissolve completely in the milk.

    As the malt comes with the cane sugar in it you don't need to add extra sugar or any sweetness to the milk.

    In case you  are lactose intolerant you can also mix it with hot water and consume

    Raji’s Kitchen Beetroot malt can be used in hot and cold beverages, smoothies and also for healthy desserts and snacks

    Benefits of Beetroot Malt:

    •  Rich in nutrients like vitamin C, iron, magnesium, potassium, and folate
    • It helps in overall health and wellness

    • It has high antioxidants like betalains that reduce stress and inflammation

    • The presence of nitrate in beetroot malt helps athletes' performance as it boos stamina

    • Enhances digestion and prevents constipation

    • Boosts immune system and makes your body resilient from illness

    • Provides natural energy as it helps you to stay active

    Nutritional Facts

    • Energy 370kcal
    • Fat 2.48g

    • Protein 15.2g

    • Calcium 73mg

    • Dietary Fibre 6.8g

    Purity and Packaging

    Raji’s Kitchen Beetroot Malt is free from added additives, artificial colours, flavours, adulterants and preservatives. It is 100% pure, organic and 100% pesticide-free. We check each batch of the product and pack it in an eco-friendly package and it can be recycled. 



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    Vaishnavi d

    Beetroot Malt - Colorful, Tasty and Healthy Drink

    Anu Thambu

    Excellent 👌

    Rama selva Rama selva

    Beetroot Malt

    Yuvashree M

    Hi mam beetroot malt smell is very good and tasty am satisfied

    Sangeetha Muthusamy
    About taste and price

    Taste is good but I Feel 1/4 kg price 250 rs is high.

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